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Series of polarized surface stress meter
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Polarized stress meter PSV-413


1. Polarized light principle is adopted to observe and analyze the internal stress of transparent plastic and glass products.

2. Meanwhile, Senarmont method is used to measure the internal stress precisely. It is an objective measuring method which avoids manual operation error effectively.

3. At present, the equipment is widely used in the control of transparent plastic and glass products, which is convenient for measuring product stress timely and ensure and improve the product quality.


1. Internal stress distribution of transparent glass and plastic products could be observed.

2. Quantitative measurement of internal stress is available in the measuring range.

3. Rod method is adopted in the Polarizer which is convenient to switch the wave plate quickly.

  • Details
Measuring range0-130nm
Analyzer sizeDiameter 100mm
Polarizer sizeW200*D200MM
Measurement space hight250mm
Light sourceProfessional LED light source
  • Apply To

Suitable for checking transparent lighting tube, solar glass, plastic bottle billet, glass handicraft, sapphire, automobile glass and so on.

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