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Full-automatic inspection machine AMM1


Muti-functions which integrates automatic feeding, 2D detection, surface stress detection, laser marking, scan-code review and automatic sorting and other functions in one machine.


1. High integration which integrates muti-function and saves large labor.

2. Reasonable and compact structure, stable performance.

3. Machine can work long time without human intervention and only periodic replacement.

4. Clear interface design, easy operation, fast mastery and without long-time training.

  • Details
Measuring accuracy±5um /±20Mpa
Motion accuracy0.05mm
CT7.5 S/Pcs
Measuring objectFlat glass
Measuring range4-8寸
Rated power / voltage4KW/AC380V
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Mainly used in performance test of glass panel industry such as: phone glass panel, LCD panel ,touch panel, car windows glass and other glass.

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