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Cannon3D Dimension Detector


A 10-million-pixel industrial camera is used to realize the high accuracy and efficiency measurement of glass workpiece panel dimension (mainly phone cover glass)

Fast measurements of samples characteristics is available according to clients’ need, which provides large measuring range to meet different customers’ demands. The edge size and the characteristic hole size is able to be measured at the same time.

High detection precision has been obtained by the unique algorithm. Simple operation interface is more suitable for batch detection on the production line.


1. High quality measuring screen achieved by high-resolution industrial camera.

2. It is able to measure constantly and judge whether it is OK/NG according to the set interval at the same time.

3. Save measured data automatically and cumulative measurement numbers when in the constant measuring ( number of qualified/unqualified).

4. The edge size and the characteristic hole size could be measured at once and quickly.

5. Measure and Save data automatically which is convenient to quality control.

6. The grid standard slice is in additional option at extra fees to ensure the absolute accuracy.

  • Details
Repeated measuring accuracy±5μm
Data fluctuation after the sample is fixed four hours<5μm
Measuring RangeAll size of arc angle and various characteristic holes
Measuring ObjectGlass panel(cell phone glass of 2D/3D)
Measuring size rangeLength <194mm; Width <129mm; Thickness:0.5~2mm
  • Apply To

Suitable for testing phone glass panel, LCD panel ,touch panel, and other glass panels.

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