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series of glass surface stress meter
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Chemical tempered glass surface stress meter SPSM-3


1. The photo-elastic principle is adopted to measure the surface stress meter and the stress layer depth of the tempered glass online.

2. Widely used in the quality control for phone glass panel, LCD panel and other strengthening glass panel.


1. Advanced Non-destructive testing methods(Photo-elastic analysis principle of refractometer).

2. Measure automatically and provides high measuring accuracy and stability.

3. Manual management is available when in bad measuring condition.

4. Equipped with glass calibration sheet, which is available to adjust the machine at anytime and minimize the machine error.

5. With LED light source, which provides long service and is more stable.

6. Measure and Save data automatically which is convenient to manage and analyze the measured data and good for quality control.

7. Determine whether it is qualified or unqualified automatically according to the set qualified interval of customers’ demand.

8. Save data automatically and cumulative qualified/unqualified number of measurements.

  • Details
Measurement Range(CS)0-1000Mpa
Measurement Accuracy(CS)±20MPa
Measurement Range(DOL)0-200μm
Measurement Accuracy(DOL)±5μm
Measurement Object2D chemical tempered glass
Measurement shapeFlat glass≥12*7

Option: Additional dripping device is in option according to the customers’ demand, which realizes the automatic dripping function to reduce manual operation and save liquid that wasted by manual operation. In addition, it achieves automatic measuring function and saves labor cost.

  • Apply To

Suitable for testing chemical tempered glass such as: phone glass panel, LCD panel ,touch panel, car windows glass and other glass.

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