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[未审核]ASM100 Glass Surface Stress Meter


ASM-100 is used in measuring surface stress of chemically tempered glass. It can make light spread along the surface of glass and calculate CS and DOL according to photoelastic principle. This product is equipped with computer to do data management. And client can choose to buy immersion liquid dropper controller and thickness meter to improve measuring speed.


1.Equipped with advanced undamaged measuring method (photoelastic principle).

2.Automatic measuring to reduce deviation caused by operator.

3.Using computer to save data and do data management to improve product quality.

4.Can make manual measure when glass sample quality is not good.

5.Using LED light which can works for about 10000 hours.

6.Using calibration glass to make the machine deviation little.

  • Details

Measure range (CS): 0-1000Mpa

Measure deviation (CS): ±20Mpa

Measure range (DOL): 0-200μm

Measure deviation (DOL): ±5μm

Measure sample: chemically tempered glass

Sample shape: plate glass 12mm*7mm or bigger

Measure principle: photoelastic principle

Light: special LED wavelength=595nm±10nm

Measure time: 1.5s

  • Apply To

Mobile phone screen tempered glass, other chemically tempered LCD panel glass.

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